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• 8/24/2015

Not animating as expected

I downloaded the free Horse assset from the Unity asset store to try out the functionality of Emerald Animal AI. This asset comes with three animations: idle, walk and run.  I thought I had it working, but there was inconsistency with the anmation. The horse would run or walk in place, and then he would go into an idle animation but slide across the terrain. I figured it was a problem with my understanding of the animation clips.

As I work with it some more I observe that the horse asset automaticlaly creates animator component since it includes the animations with the asset. If I do not enter the name of the included Animation Controller that comes with the horse into the "Controller" space on the Animator component, the animations do not play. But when I do include it, the selection of the animations played has nothing to do with Animal AI; the animations are dictated by teh Animator Controller.

I have entered the names of the animations into their respective places on the Animal AI interface. Including them or not including them makes no difference. What has to happen to make this work as expected?


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• 2/8/2016
I'm having the same issue. Did you find out how to fix it?
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